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Oratory, Community of the Missionaries Montfortains - 85290 Saint Laurent sur Sèvre

This painting makes the admiration of all and especially it accompanies and gives substance to our prayer. Three times a day, it is the witness and the inspirer of our prayer of the Angelus: in Lauds of morning, at the end of the mass at noon, and at the beginning of the evening prayer.

The founder of our congregation missionary, Holy Louis Marie de Montfort, in based his spirituality on the mystery of the Incarnation of Jesus which had its peak at the time of the Annunciation.

« Personally, I associate you with this prayer of the Angelus, you who developed in so wonderful a way your talent for the painting. »

In this work it is evident that you put it in the service of Marie and, by her, of Jesus "eternal and embodied Wisdom " as calls him Father de Montfort.

Father René Paul
Responsible for the community

Oratory - Missionaries Montfortains