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Mathilda at the Hôtel de Savigny -  Provins 2007


The Microcosm

In our time where art so often renouces effort, harmony and, above all, spirituality, Mathilda de Carpentry with humility but also with maestria, reminds us of the grand lessons of the past.
There is care and concern, sense, attention to the smallest detail and moreover greatness.
We often fond mightiness hidden in the works done by some unknown monk for the glory of God and the pleasure of mind.
Taking up these ways, Mathilda de Carpentry strikes dump with amazement.
She recreates the splendor of these ancient works and without any doubt surpasses them.
She incarnates and sublimes tradition.
There is so much strictness and cult of the detail, which is noting else than the intuitive sensation of value.
In the very heart of microcosmos the makers of miniatures adored the majesty of God, which many people dicovered in the midst of macrocosmos.
So that by engaging in this rediscovery and this recreation we approve at time life and the history of mankind even the errors ( wars ) of which still show some beaty ( of the devil ? ).
Mathilda leaps over centuries and spaces.
She loves and this admire in the same way the grand iranien and hindou civilitations.
She indeed is the wonderful draw-bridge liberation the fortress of our technical modernity.
She reintroduces the colours and poetic rhytms of a universal Past which believed in beauty being wisdom.
Thanks to Mathilda de Carpentry, thank you ever so much for opening the doors and by way of the glass painted on the reverse with the patience of an angel making us vibrate with the sound and music of forms and colours bygone and yet so near.
How much love of the world there is !

Francis Legrand - Art Critic - Mougins 1991