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[Peinture sous verre reverse painting on glass Mathilda de Carpentry - Accueil Allemand - Hinterglasmalerei]


French, I was born in 1954., All my childhood, lonely, I painted, drew on paper, canvas, wood, glass without guide but with the pleasure of confronting me with all these supports.
I studied graphic arts and applied arts in Paris.
I discovered a new means of expression by working the technique of painting under glass.

After long research on glass, which I choose because it magnifies paints and gilding as well as the technique (solidity of the support, drying time etc.) I set up my workshop in the Var, in the south of France in 1990 or I am still practicing today.

My interest in the Middle Ages developed through travel, readings and meetings and of course it was inspired by the beauty of Medieval and Oriental iconography, which made me want to offer a vision of 'a dreamlike world, out of time, fashions and trends.

My paintings tend to be a link between our Western and Eastern societies, uniting the great civilizations of the Great Centuries, by highlighting what the peoples have done best, enriching each other, cultures influence each other a lot through the arts.

I want to restore, in my own way, on the glass, my vision of this shimmering world. A little too far no doubt from the realities of our time. But I made this choice by combining two techniques, the illumination (and not the miniature as some people think) and painting under the glass.
I make real paintings (often in large format).

All the paintings are encased in art frames, made to measure.
espite the own doubts to artists.

My art knows neither fashions, nor dogmas, nor the constraints of time.